Love Quadrangle


When it rains it pours...

Matilda was  really in a bad state. She was hungry, alone in huge dark building that had nothing but books. She was tired and desperately needed a bathroom break. The thunderstorm outside wasn't helping the situation. Her eyes welled with tears as she thought that maybe God was punishing her for neglecting him...She sat on the floor and really felt abandoned. The lighting flashed and she prepared for the next bout of thunder and it came loud and clear. Something hit her head and rolled down on the felt like a container....she had a brainwave and decided to get the darkness, she crawled on her knees for about 2 minutes and her bladder started giving way and she good feel the warm fluid begin a gentle ooze onto her thighs....she finally got it and unzipped her trousers and squatted as she aimed her fast jet into the dark....she felt such relief as she cried and released the fluid with all glee. Taking a leek had never felt so nice........

Matilda had dated all the wrong guys who had broken her heart because they were more interested in what lay in between her legs instead what resided in her heart. So she decided to take a break from dating. She was a biracial child or what we commonly refer to as a 'pointie' coined from (0.5) with very outstanding features. The only daughter of her mother Luhyia Olero and her Italian dad, Tilda was a progression of beauty. She had blue eyes, cute dimples and natural curls on her soft hair that flowed down to her waist. She was an impressive sight to behold. She knew that she was outstanding, but she never allowed it to get into her head and she never looked down on anyone. 

She had grown up in Rome and only came back to the country for her undergraduate studies at the Ruby Leadership Institute- RLI because her dad who was a diplomat had been transferred to Kenya. The culture shock was real, but she soon adjusted and got used to the stares and men hitting on her. Her naivety and love for people made her an easy target because almost everyone in a trouser wanted a piece of her and so her dating story in Kenya was nothing to write home about. She often felt like a project. After about 3 years of failed relationships and she decided to become a recluse and completely shut out everyone.

Her life oscillated between class, library and her room. Thank God her room mate was also a loner who understood her and so they rarely had any visitors and so they got along very well.  It had been long since she had been to church, thanks to her philosophy class that had a self absorbed lecturer who never stopped poking holes into religion.

On this particular Friday, Matilda found herself locked in the library. She hadn't noticed the time slipping away because she was so engrossed in her research. She sat on the floor at a corner on the 2nd upper deck of the library and time just zoomed away. The librarian did his usual rounds before leaving but then he forgot to check the spot where she was seated because the rains were threatening to pour and he just wanted to get home fast, sleep early at wake up at 2am to watch the NBA playoff games.  So he locked up and went home.  

On this other end Matilda has just realized that she was trapped in this huge building, her phone battery was dead and she didn't carry her charger. She tried walking around so as to see if she could get the attention of any passers by but to no avail. She was in the administration block and being a Friday, it was the most deserted place. She thought of breaking one of the windows, she grabbed a chair and tried banging the windows but they didn't give way. They had been made of strong fibre glass and to make matters worse if the watchmen caught her doing that, it would really take a lot of explanation for them to believe that she wasn't stealing or doing anything illegal.

It was around 11 o'clock and she felt like going to pee. The rains had started drizzling and she had to do something because, to the best of her knowledge, she could not remember seeing a toilet in there but she decided to check....but wait it was dark...she needed to switch on the lights. So she tried groping around to find them. The urge to pee was really increasing by the minute and so she tried to hurry up, stumbling in a few places and she eventually got to the lights and switched them on. That was a glimmer of hope. The fluorescent lights beamed the entire building and she ran across the room and to every corner searching for a toilet, but there was none. Her fears were confirmed. This was a new building without a toilet! Typical of us. The rains outside were increasing in intensity almost warning of what was coming up...her bladder was unforgiving as it developed a mouth of its own. It literally started talking to her and so she had to squeeze her thighs to so as not to pee on herself.

She had to think fast...she made her way downstairs and decided to try the morse-code trick that she had seen in movies...where one sends an SOS signal using lights. She wasn't familiar with the alphabet but it was worth giving it a try. Well, the lights were fluorescent and so switching them and off really didn't help much. One would have thought that the lights were faulty given the rapid succession in which they come on and off....she silently prayed for a miracle.

At that very moment a loud thunder bellowed though the atmosphere in a deafening blast. You would have thought that God had just belched. There was an instant blackout throughout campus and Joe woke up with a start. He reached out for his phone to check the time and it wasn't there...strange...he went for the lights and nothing....he panicked, because he couldn't tell the time and now that there was no power, he couldn't watch the play off games...he had gotten out of bed to look of his phone because his only option was to watch it online on his laptop using his phone as a hotspot. He finally managed to locate his flashlight and then started going through his things, but he couldn't see his phone...He decided to go and brave the rains.

As Matilda was enjoying her burst of relief, with her bladder singing songs of freedom she heard some noise at the door and she got into panic mode. She didn't know whether to be relieved or to be afraid. Such scenes in the movies are normally scary. You might just get a psycho....who....

Her thoughts got interrupted with a ray of light beaming on her face. 
"Excuse me?! What are you doing ....????" Joe asked her.
Matilda got up clumsily and the rest of her internal content made good of their intention to exit and went down her legs and onto her socks....she pulled up her trousers and her knickers and stepped back splashing the contents of that tin on the floor as she stammered with fright. Joe could see that she was visibly afraid.
"Okay, relax. I'm not going to hurt you, but what are you doing here in the middle of the night urinating in a tin?"
"I think..... locked me in by mistake and...."
She found her voice and explained herself to him. He understood and really apologized to her offering to escort her to her place. When they got out, the torrential rain was unrelenting. The water level was at ankle level and she lived about 5 kilometers away on the other side of the university.

I would love to take you across campus, but we might not make it to your hostels.

Its dark and I only have this over coat and you are not in a good state.

My place is about 100 meters from here. How about we go there and i will give a change of clothes and then when the rains subside, I promise you, I will take you to your place? 

- Joe

She reluctantly agreed because she didn't have much of a choice. As they ran across the field towards his house, she stepped on a puddle of water, slipped and fell down. This night was just getting worse. As if on cue, Joe knelt down and swooped her in his burly arms and whispered "Don't worry Matilda, I got you"
"He knows my name", she wondered in her mind

They got home and after he gave her a towel to wipe herself, the lights came back! So he showed her the bathroom where she managed to take a hot refreshing shower and outside the bathroom, he put a fresh set of clothes for her to change. They were quite big for her because this was a 6'8ft  guy and she was only 5'0ft, but this was just for the night so no big deal.

He fixed her hot chocolate and tried to make her feel at home. Matilda was a bit freaked out by his size. She had only seen him seated at his desk; the times she went to the library and they had never really interacted much till today and he was up close and looking so BIG! She hoped that he wouldn't try anything funny. Joe however was a gentleman, he was an atheist with certain principles that he had built around his value system and one of them was respect for everyone and especially ladies. He was raised by a single mom who taught him that ladies were like flowers that needed to be handled with care because they have a way of brightening up the room, but if you neglect them, then they wilt and die. His sister Nali and mother had continuously ensured that he kept in touch with his emotional side.

The efforts had paid off...all throughout from his teens, he had always stood out as the nicest guy around. He was an average student, with looks that would embarrass Boris Kodjoe.  He had a great natural athletic body, that looked impressive even without working out. He had a cool demeanor, but he didn't want to hear anything about God. He hated God with a passion for two main reasons. One was because there were so many ills he had seen in the world and two his father had left his mother without any valid reason. According to his mother, the guy just woke up one morning and left them. So if He was truly a good God, why would he allow such a thing to happen to them?

Ladies liked him and he knew it, but he wasn't a player. He always dated one girl at a time and believed in being honest. So before getting close to any girl he would be upfront and state that he was an atheist, but that didn't scare the ladies. Some really believed that they could somehow change him. The very serious ones took off because their conviction wouldn't allow it to go that far. He hoped to settle down one day, but it seems like it wasn't going to happen. Other ladies were scared of dating such a guy because he looked too good to be true. What was he hiding? Some even went as far as speculating that he was probably gay but he wasn't. His relationships weren't just working.

"You live alone", Matilda asked as she sipped her chocolate.
"Yes I do" He answered
"Nice house"
"How comes you know my name?"
"I'm the Librarian remember, it's part of my job. Besides you have a noticeable face. You are the quiet girl who sneaks in and out of the library. We all know you and we have talked about you with my colleagues."
"You have talked about me?" She asked surprised.
"Yes, we have."
"Ehe, I would love to know. I didn't know that men gossip"
"Trust me it was good stuff"
"I'm listening", she sat up and looked at him

Well, for the longest time, we kept trying to guess your nationality.

There is a guy who believes that you are Latino, another one believes that you from the Caribbeans, but I strongly believe that you are Italian given your surname-Lorenzo. So maybe at some point tonight you could unravel that mystery for me.

It has been duly noted that you are a bookworm. You rarely talk to anyone except for the odd stares and occasional wave.

At first I thought you were a snub, but then I told my guys, that I think it has a lot to do with your personality. You just don't like talking.

- Joe

"Well I actually talk, it's just that...."

They chatted the night away and he forgot about his basketball and even when the rain stopped, she didn't ask him to escort her to her place. He was good company and he just had a way of making her feel at ease. There was respectable distance, he didn't stare at her, he just made it okay.

She stood up to go to the bathroom and that's when it hit her that it was 6am.

"Joe I need to go before guys wake up. You know the campus gossip and all that crap"
"I think, I need to make you some breakfast. It would be wrong for you to exit my pad on an empty stomach...Mr. Lorenzo might just....."
"Noo, you have been so kind and so nice to me, but trust me, I really need to go"
"Come on, Tilda....can I call you Tilda?"
"Oh, so now you even know my pet name...huh"
They both laughed.
"I don't even know your second name"
"I am Joseph Mutalla"
"Nice name, Mr. Mutalla, now please can you release me?"
"Okay, then can I take you out for coffee, later this evening?"
"Mmmmmmm okay...what time?"
"1600HRS, it is"

She left his house with his baggy clothes on. She looked like a female clown on internship trying very hard to disguise her profession. It was clear even to a blind person that those were not her clothes. They belonged to a man and a very big guy. He had volunteered to escort her up to her place so that she might be at ease but she flatly refused. It was already embarrassing to be seen leaving his house at that time and If she was to be seen with him, then it would have been obvious that she had spent the night at his place. She walked by herself hoping to get tuktuk to get her across campus. 

He watched her tiny frame disappear and then he wondered what if this was his lucky day? Many people thought that he was a great guy because he got along with almost everyone. If you ever told someone that you were at loggerheads with Joe, then you were the problem, no one would buy any other story apart from that one. 

Ladies adored this guy and they seemed genuine when the relationship started. It would take off the runway and build steadily and then one day when things were okay, it take a nosedive and just plummet into nothingness. The script was always the same and so just like Tilda, he had also taken a break from dating so that he could focus on other things.

So now this looked like something, but then he wasn't too sure. He wondered if she was also going to leave him like the other ladies. He wondered if he should change tact and try something different this time. He had a long introspective meeting with himself that entire Saturday as he tried evaluate all his failed relationships. He used to think that he was honest, but then it now dawned on him that he hadn't been entirely truthful because all his relationships seemed to come full circle and then enter into mayday situation and the lady would just vanish....


Joe lets the 'dog' out of the bag...

Joe decided to change tact with Tilda, that very evening he was going to come tell her everything instead of letting her find out later. So throughout the day he kept talking to 'Self' about this first meeting with Tilda as to whether he should let her in or not.

"But again, why should I tell her all this and yet we were not even dating?" He started

"But you are going on your first date", Self replied

"It's not a date per se, it's coffee"

"Yeah, a coffee date, right?"

"But we are not even going out so this might even..."

"In your heart, you know that you want to ask her out, don't you?"

This internal seesaw played in his mind the entire day. He wanted to, but then again he was afraid of how she would perceive him. He could tell that she came from a wealthy family but then there wasn't any flair or flashes of flamboyance. She was 'within reach', as far as relating to other people was concerned; he had observed her in the library, but he thought that she was going to be hard work trying to chat her up. For the first time in his life he struggled to pick an appropriate outfit.

He met one of his colleagues for lunch.

"You, guy I have a date", he started.

"Wait, Mr. Nice guy has a what?"

"I'm meeting someone at 4pm"

"I hope it's not one of these students. Man the last 3 chics you dated messed you up big time. So please tell me its someone else?"

Joe gave a 'knowing' smile as he took his dessert.

"Aarghhhh men, you have gone back to these ladies who are interested in using you so as they update their Instagram profile...Come on Joe...."

"She is a student, but not your typical one"

"What, you got a mature entry?" , his buddy joked.

"No, its Matilda" , Joe said.


"Matilda....the Latino-Espagnol girl?

"She is half Luhyia-half Italian"

"Wow!, I like that combination. She comes wrapped in one package-a bull fighter and the Italian Mafia and if she says yes to you then she is falling in love with an atheist who has been raised by women."

They both laughed.

"Look, go for her and bring your A game, but you don't have to try it because all the chics swoon over you, the rest of us are like left overs. Let me tell you, If she was to vie for Miss Ruby, then she would definitely win and take the Miss University Kenya hands down. I know you don't like this God stuff, but this girl is really an angel, I'm sure she was made on Sunday after praise and worship in heaven. Please don't waste this opportunity."

Joe smiled as his small intestines gyrated in agreement.

"What should i wear?", he asked his friend

"A decent Tshirt and jeans will do, but then carry a jacket, just in case it rains"

At 4 pm, he was at the campus cafeteria waiting for her. He told himself that this was going to be different, cast with a different script. Tilda was woken up at 10 minutes to 4 pm by her room mate who was still not convinced that Tilda should go because this is the guy that almost every lady in campus dreams of. He seems to be flawless and yet he was single and to make matters worse, he was an atheist. Matilda downplayed it and promised to be back in 2 hours or less.

She arrived at 4:15 pm and apologized many times over. He stood up, gave her a decent hug, pulled the chair and ensured she was comfortable before he took his seat. He did it so effortlessly, completely unrehearsed. She was impressed because he didn't struggle to do it. She caught a whiff of his nice cologne and the after shave on his chin end was appealing. She could tell that the guy had prepared for this and she was determined to go back and prove to her room mate that she didn't fall for Mr. Perfect on day one. On her part she had put on some light make up and applied some nice lotion that had a winsome redolence and made her skin glisten beautifully in the evening sunshine.

After placing their orders, they hit it off immediately. They picked up the discussion from where they had left it the previous night and just talked. They had moments of laughter and serious talk. She was impressed by his wealth of information in as much as he didn't consider himself a scholar. He was also pleased to meet a lady that had a panoramic view of the world. Both of them wondered how come they were not dating other people and yet both had attractive qualities. Tilda shared her dramatic stories how guys saw her as a sex symbol and that was a real turn off and now it was Joe's turn. This was his moment of telling the whole truth.

"Yeah, I have dated quite a bit but then it never ends well. I have an almost similar trend whenever I date a lady. At first its all good nice and rosy and then as we progress and the trust begins to take shape, something would happen and they would take off like lightning."

"Why, do you hurt them or are you some kind of psycho?"

"Come on, you were with me in my apartment. I'm a decent guy, but still that wasn't enough"

"You just said that something would happen..."

"Okay, it's not like I did something wrong"

"But you are being vague, so all those girls that you dated, do they hurt you and then.....?"

He decided to cut to the chase.

"Look, Tilda, I would love to date you, but then I wouldn't want to start something with you and then later on you realize that I am not the person that I claim to be...."

"Joe, wait, " she interrupted while touching his wrist as if to seek permission, "You are assuming that I will agree to go out with you.."

"I'm not assuming anything. I think you will say yes"

"And why would i do that?" She smiled as she leaned back to sort of watch how he is gonna do this.

"Because you have been played before and for the first time in your life you are about to meet a guy who is going to be completely honest with you from day one."

"Day one...huh?"

"In fact before you decide if you would date me or not, I want you to know something about me"

"I'm listening..."

"My penis"

"Your what?"

"My penis"

"Your penis, as in penis?, she asked as she leaned forward towards him.

"Yes, I said my penis", he confirmed

She felt disappointed, here was another guy who wants to sleep with her.

"So your penis, what about it? I thought I just told you that I get pissed off by guys who..."

Joe raised his tiny little finger and showed it to her and said,

I have a tiny penis, when it's fully erect, its half the size of my little finger.

- Joe

Matilda opened her mouth and was completely agape. She couldn't believe what she had just heard from this guy. This was new...

"Okay, did you just make a public announcement about your genitalia to a lady you barely know?", she asked him in total shock

Joe sized her up with his nice guy look. He held her palms in his hands and then told her.

The events that happened last week were too dramatic and too much of a coincidence. I believe that fate brought us together in some cosmic inexplicable plan. There is something that is going on here Tilda and I would want it to go on and hopefully end up by the two of us spending a lifetime together.

Now I never told any of the girls that I dated about my condition until the time came for us to be intimate and when they saw my member, they were thoroughly disappointed and they left me. Some mocked me and ridiculed me....let's just say that my sex life has been horrible.

So, I didn't want to put you through that. I want you to know straight up that this is me. This is my condition and should you choose to date me, then you need to be willing to accept me as I am because this is what nature gave me.

- Joe

There was a brief silence and then Tilda spoke.

Wow, first of all I'm impressed by your candidness.

By you parading yourself straight up in our first meeting...that's something, but then aren't you being presumptuous?

You are assuming that if we start dating, which we are not, then we will have sex before marriage? Your coming clean is to basically to prepare me for what to expect when we actually get down to it? I thought I just told you that I am a virgin and I intend to stay that way until I get married for one reason; I am a Christian and even though I don't go to church that often, I have a value system that believes in honoring God. So I have no beef with you being an atheist, but then i have a problem in you thinking that you would sleep with me.

- Tilda

You don't get my point.

I respect your stand as a Christian. I'm an atheist and I wouldn't have a problem dating you or even marrying you, but then I believe in sexual compatibility.

I wouldn't want you to live with me and feel like you are in a prison for the rest of your life. If you date me, which I'm sure you will. Then I promise you that I won't make any sexual advances towards you until you become Mrs. Mutalla.

- Joe

She stood up and started walking away.

The evening ended in a stalemate. Tilda was disappointed, she thought that he was trying to seduce her using a freaking method. Joe on the other hand was also at a loss, looks like his plan did not work out well. She told her room mate about the date and they had a long chat around that. 

"But do you like him? Because that would be a good sign." 

He is great company, an amazing gentleman but then I don't do you tell a girl that you have a small penis on your first date?

- Tilda

"Like he said, he is being upfront with you"

Joe on the other side just sent a text to his friend

"Man, it didn't go so well", and then he switched off and slept.

Three days passed without a word and on the fourth day he sent a text to check on her and she replied in a non committal way. Going to the Library was going to become a chore, now that she knew he was going to be there. There were awkward moments for the remainder of the semester and both of them were glad when campus closed for the holidays because that would be some time apart from each other. 

One day as they were shopping for Christmas, her mum asked her if she was seeing anyone.

"Well, none but there was this strange guy...."

After she narrated the incident and how their first coffee was a disaster, she was puzzled to see her mother walk away with the trolley.

"Mum, aren't you  going to say anything?"

"Have you prayed about it?"

"No I haven't! but aren't you the one who has continuously harped in my head that I should not date with the hope of saving someone else? Now this guy is far off, he is an atheist. He doesn't believe in God and he is totally smart."

"Honey, I am not saying you date him. All I'm asking is pray for God to have his way"

"But I won't even see him until April next year"

"Precisely, my daughter. That is a long time for God to do anything."

On Christmas day Nali, Joe's sister came home with a common childhood friend. Both of them were excited and in high spirits.

"What's the euphoria all about?", Joe asked Nali.

She didn't answer as they just danced and celebrated what God had done. It was this God business that made him just go to his room to give the girls time to make noise on their own. He was home for the holidays to 'detox' from work and Tilda.

Later on Nali came knocking at his door.

"I need to tell you something. I know you are a skeptic and so on, but a miracle has just happened. As in a 3D miracle happened today."

"What miracle? That Jesus is the reason for the season? Oh the King is no longer in a manger He...."

"No bro, it's not that. You know Lofi has always had...eehhh ....that condition...", she struggled to say it.

"Hermaphrodite" he helped her.

"Yes, and you know the stigma and all that she has been through from the time she we were kids?"

"Right. Yeah I remember"

"Well, that is no more"

"Why, she had surgery?"

"No, a miracle happened"

"What miracle?"

"There was a visiting preacher who asked all of us to lift up our hands and pray and ask God for a very specific life changing gift. Lofi asked God to take it away and it happened Joe! She felt a gush of power rush through her body it started shrinking"


"The docile little penis on top of her vagina"


"Yes, she didn't believe it. So immediately after service she went to the washroom to check and yes, it was no more."

"You are lying"

"Okay, this is spooky because even she told me that, I doubted it but......err......" she was uncomfortable.

"What sis? You went and checked?"



"Yes, I checked and it's true, that penis wasn't there. Joe, I'm telling you the truth. This one right here is a true miracle and only God could have done this!" Nali ended with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Wow!, and you expect me to believe that?"

"She is in the living room, please go and ask her."

"She could easily lie"

"Come on, please don't tell me that you want in you want to peek..."

They went to the living room and talked with Lofi who explained everything. Joe sat in silence and wonder as she narrated. He knew how she had struggled with her identity and he just marveled. He found it very hard to accept this and yet he could tell that this wasn't a fabrication. He could feel the tears announcing their arrival and he didn't want them to see him cry so he gave Lofi a hug and then left for his room.

He sat on the floor and wondered if this was really true. He began to question his beliefs again... He was a believer in disbelief..Hmmm so who was he? He went back to the point where he decided to become an atheist and it occurred to him, that he got mad at God because he couldn't reconcile His love versus all the evil and bad things in the world and plus allowing his dad to walk away. So if the same God healed Lofi then he must be an unfair God...oh, he had now come to the point where he was not debating in his mind about the existence of God but rather the fairness of God. He got up from the carpet, annoyed at himself because that seemed like an act of betrayal to himself.

If Lofi had asked God to do a tough thing like that then he would also put God to task to do something that was unlikely. After all it was Christmas. He knelt down to pray; with his phone on the bed. He was going to ask God to do something. He knew very well that this was an impossibility. 

Matilda had decided to pray for Joe just to appease her mother. She did it about once or twice and then forgot about it. On that same Christmas day, Tilda's mum came to her room and asked to pray with her for something special to happen to him. Tilda held hands with her mum and they prayed. She asked God to do something to his genitalia if that is what really bothered him. 

Immediately Joe finished praying, his phone rang and he almost jumped up...It was a strange number but then the True Caller identified him as Madison Mutalla. 

"Wow!!, just wow!, Oh my God!!!" he stared at the phone in total shock wrapped in disbelief. He wanted to run away because all this was not in line with what he believed about God. He had asked God that if truly he was there and if he had healed Lofi, then he should somehow make his dad get his number and call him. That was a hard one because as far as he knew, his mother was not in touch with his dad, but today this guy was calling and he didn't know whether to pick it or not.

With sweaty palms that were shaking; like an IEBC suspect caught in the act, he answered the phone and kept quiet.

"Hello", the voice on the other started

"Hello?", Joe answered.

"Hi son, this is your dad!"

"Hi", he struggled to say it as he started getting emotional.

"I'm so sorry and I would like to meet with you."

Joe just broke down and cried loudly as his sister and Lofi came to check on him...they found daddy still trying to converse with him....

That was the turning point in Joe's life. His father had tracked down his mother after all these years and decided to find out how his kids were doing. She is the one who had given him, Joe's number. So on Christmas day he decided to call his son. Mr. Mutalla met his kids on boxing day and even though emotions ran high in that meeting, that was the beginning of a new phase for daddy and his two adult children.

Joe's sister and Lofi were instrumental in helping him get a grasp of this salvation story and on the 31st at midnight, he gave his life to Christ and began on a new journey. It was really hard embracing faith and his logical mind wasn't helping him at all. He had to go through a deconstruction and the only smart person he knew wasn't talking to him. So here he was trying to rebuild a relationship with a man he barely knew but who seemed so nice and understanding. He wondered what made him leave, whenever he asked that question there was always a vague answer. 

He sent a text to Tilda explaining his new found faith and also to check up on her. Being out of school that semester and talking a lot to her mum, helped her patch up her relationship with God and she felt really happy to see that God had answered her mum's prayer. Her mum liked this guy and yet they hadn't even met. She wondered if God had done something to his pinkie penis, but of course she couldn't ask. They started texting a lot, moved on to long calls and then graduated to video calls and by the time she was coming back to school, the connection was unmistakable. Both of them were now on the same page and it wasn't long before they started dating.

The entire university was a buzz with talk about this new sensational couple. They were the heart throb of  everyone, even lecturers knew about them. They were your ideal poster couple of course they had their fair share of bumps here and there especially from the ladies who somehow wanted this hunk of a guy and they would go out of their way to throw themselves at him but he had a way of deflecting them. Being a new Christian, he had come to embrace the value of abstinence and he was willing to wait. Their relationship seemed solid and their plans were to get married as soon as she graduated. Little did they know that their plans were about to go through a drubbing that started slowly without warning. 

Joe's dad had been in Europe for a long time and worked with many IT companies as an avant-garde software specialist. He had come back to the country to work for the new government that had planned to go digital with all their systems, that is about the time that he had gotten back in touch with his kids. When his contract ended after successfully launching that system...many companies and universities wanted him to work for them but then he chose RLI because his son was working there and he really wanted to bond with him.

Joe was pleased with this new development, but his mother wasn't. She didn't want to come in between this new relationship, but she warned him to be careful, her greatest undoing however was not to tell her the truth. In the meantime Tilda's dad fell ill just about the time Joe's birthday was approaching and she had to go and see him but promised to be back on his special day.

Joe's sister had always wanted Lofi to date Joe, but he just couldn't bring himself to go out with her, because she was like a younger sister to him and it stopped at; he cared for her. So Lofi had dated a loser in church who had broken her heart. As she was nursing her wounds, Nali asked her to come for Joe's birthday and she gladly accepted. 

A few buddies showed up for the bash and Joe's dad. Matilda was unable to make it because her dad was unstable. She apologized and planned to make it up to him. When Nali saw the loophole, she decided to take advantage of the situation and set them up. She disliked Tilda for no reason other than the fact that she was stunning. She asked Joe to take Lofi for a walk to calm her down as she remained with dad. Nali knew that she was vulnerable...

Joe being the nice guy that he was, decided to take her for a walk in the woods. Lofi talked about her break up with her ex and how she hated all men and she went on and on and she cried...Joe held her....and she held him back and cried while mucus came out and soiled her make up but she didn't want to let go. Joe held her in a caring mode like a teddy bear to her cubs and Lofi felt safe, this was the safest that she had felt in such a long time. He rubbed her back gently and that did it. She could just lie there for 1000 years and forget that men ever existed. In her perfect world...she began to wonder.

She wiped her tears and her mess on Joe's T-shirt and said, "I hate all men, except you", and then proceeded to kiss him.

Joe was surprised but then he didn't stop her....he kissed her back and they interlocked in a tight unwavering embrace as their tongues enjoyed a mutual fellowship that was like salt and pepper.

Joe stopped kissing and said,

"Lofi this is wrong, we can't..."

"I know, I know it Joe, but I want to and no one has to know about it"

"No Lof...." he didn't finish her name.

She planted another kiss and took him on a winding journey with her lips. Joe had kissed many women prior to him getting saved but this was something else...she touched his groin and he backed out and told her that they had to leave and get back to the bash.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am", he took charge, held her hand and they went back to the his house. All his friends had gone and only his sister and dad were left watching a movie, he said hi and went straight to his bedroom.  Both of them could tell that something had transpired. Joe had a beige T-shirt that now had visible lipstick stains on it and his mouth also betrayed him with the reddish marks that were obviously not ketchup. Nali was pleased with herself, she followed him to his room and pretended to care when she told him to change his top because of the lipstick. Joe was embarrassed and apologized to his sister and and asked her not to tell Tilda. Nali promised to keep quiet about it but she knew that her little scheme will pay off. 

Later, when the girls had retired to bed. Mutalla Sr and Mutalla Jr went to the veranda to talk. He pulled out his cigar and said,

"I'm pleased with you my son, you are playing them both? Now you are a real man. We have been socialized to embrace the monogamy culture but this is not us. We are African and I'm glad to see you embrace your roots. Go for it son" , as he puffed in the air.

Joe tried to defend himself and apologize but his dad wouldn't hear none of it. Lofi had planted a seed and Mr. Mutalla was busy watering it. Joe was now confused, torn alliances, his allegiance to God and to Matilda whom he loved. He was a believer who now should be practicing purity but had ventured into a gray area and he seemed to enjoy it. He had longed for his dad's affirmation all his life and here he was now getting it the first time in his life. His dad was telling him that he was proud of him because he had done a mistake. Something was so wrong with this picture, that felt right at the same time. He wanted to refute all that but then he couldn't, because he felt that somewhere in all what his dad was saying lay some truth. He really felt like a man. He did not know that this was one of the reasons why his parents separated. Mutalla Sr wanted to be a free man, hunting them down, as many as they came, but she would have none of it so she left him.

Tilda's dad improved a bit and she came back to school, to make her final plans for her graduation. Joe never told her about the incident. He put it at the back of his mind and he never talked to Lofi about it. Both of them assumed that it had died a natural death....ahem....they never addressed it and just like the Kenyan story that hibernates for five years and rears its ugly head, this was no exception.

Matilda had grown increasingly closer to Joe's dad, now that she saw her own father slipping away. She was trying to hold on to something and she didn't know it. He represented the neo-daddy's who look better and smarter as they gracefully aged and became the best wine. He taught her a lot regarding the world of IT and the cherry on this cake was that he spoke fluent Italiano and he called her Muchacha. There is a way that he said it that made her feel "Yes, I'm daddy's girl".

It started off as an innocent daddy-daughter relationship. Mr. Madison, knew how to say the right words to her. He was constantly checking on the progress of her daddy's health, just being there for her. He was wooing her when he spoke Italian and Joe was always smiling when the two of them spoke in that 'strange' language. He was pleased that everything was working out well....or so he thought.

Mr. Madison Mutalla Sr. knew exactly what he was doing and even had a back up plan. He was skilled, he was in touch and he knew how to touch, where to touch and when to touch and in this case who to touch and he was a die hard of old habits. He was dramatic and he was drama all by himself. With his vast experience, he couldn't allow himself to become clumsy. He was a master player in romantic mischief and he loved it.

He was cautious and calculative and would play his cards one would see the torpedo coming but yes, it was going to during the graduation everything went according to plan except that Mr. Mutalla decided to organize for a skype video feed where Mr. Lorenzo would watch his daughter graduate from his hospital bed.


The snare closes...

This gesture would really touch Tilda's heart because she was really close to her dad and watching him ail for that long and being unable to see her graduate was going to crash her. Joe was happy to see all the chips falling into place. His dad was back in his life in fact working in the same institution with him, his girlfriend had just graduated and the only logical thing was to marry his rib. 

His proposal started with clues from the time she woke up.  She had to unravel from her apartment, to the store where she buys milk all the way to diner where he popped the question in front of her mum. Joe's dad, an accomplished saxophonist, played a romantic tune as this gentle giant went down on bended knee in front of their common friends as asked her to marry him. She gave a resounding YES and they set out in full gear planning their wedding. Nali was of course not amused but then she had to play ball because Tilda had chosen her and Lofi to be in her lineup. 

The pre-marital counseling being given at their church was good but shallow. It was a class of 6 couples and so opening up was a real challenge because one had to put up appearances. They never really got down to digging into their past and getting real in the practicality of everything. It was a shallow group counseling that glossed over marriage. That was a major pitfall in their foundation as a couple.

3 days before their wedding, Mr. Lorenzo passed on. A sad time for the family. He had battled this terminal disease for a long time. Tilda was hit below the belt, the pain was excruciating and naturally, they had to postpone the wedding so as to bury the old man and to give her time to mourn. Her mum was affected too, though she had seen it coming as she had walked with her husband all the days as he battled this colon cancer.

Joe took it easy with his lady, he was there for her as her support system and walked with her through the motions. Mutalla Sr wasn't left behind, he knew just when to step in and backed it up with texts that made her feel really special. She had now gotten used to the name Muchacha. He was careful not to try and replace the Late Lorenzo, but just be there enough, to offer that shoulder when she needed it. Mutalla Sr was a master in his craft.

"I have a favour that I need to ask", she petitioned him during one of their long talks.

"Go on Muchacha", he replied.

Now that my dad has passed on, you are the only father figure that I have around.

All my uncles are in Italy and yeah there is little connection there. We have really bonded and I really like you, in fact I love you. Can, I call you papa?

- Tilda

Of course you can Tilda, I was waiting for you to ask or when you would start calling me that. It's long overdue.

- Mutalla Sr

"Awwww, thanks papa" She gave him a hug and he held her protectively, giving her a nice soothing back rub that was gentle yet suggestive.

One last thing, I know that this is kinda weird because you are Joe's dad, but I don't have anyone to walk me down the aisle.

Traditionally, it's the dad who walks the girl down the aisle. My mum has no problem and I don't think Joe would too, but I will ask him. Would you mind holding my hand and walking me down the aisle?

- Tilda

"It will be my pleasure Muchacha baby", he said that as he kissed her forehead.

Joe didn't have a problem with that, he was the easy going type. 2 months after the funeral, the two love birds were married in an old wooden church and Mutalla Sr played a huge role in walking the bride to be down the aisle, giving a speech and playing the saxophone. He was a charmer and everyone loved him except his ex-wife who wouldn't be fooled by his theatrics. She was still hurting from the pain and misery that he had caused her those 'many years ago'. She still wasn't sure if the guy had changed. At the end of the wedding, she whispered in her son's ears;

"Be watchful about your dad"

"What do you mean Ma?"

She kissed her son on the cheek and left. 

They went to South Africa for their honeymoon and that is when their problems started on que, the very second night after their wedding. The two had never discussed anything to do with sex. Right from the time when he had told her about the size of his penis and she had walked away in utter revulsion, the topic was a no go zone. He avoided it like the plague and she kept hoping that something had happened to the size of 'little jo', well there wasn't any improvement in that department. Their premarital counseling had merely skimmed over the sex topic for about ten minutes. The couple conducting it were shy and rigid and so they never took time to go deeper and even if they would have done so, sharing such an issue in a public forum was completely out of question for Joe.

Matilda was a virgin; who had been learnt about sexuality from her mum, her friends and reading on her own. She had been exposed and she was really expectant especially after what she had been told and taught at her bridal shower. She had waited and kept herself pure for this moment only to realize that her Big Man was really small down there and that he wasn't joking. To make matter's worse, he was nervous.

Their first time in the shower was really uncomfortable as she tried to avoid looking at his '3rd option' because clearly, little jo wasn't a leg, he was barely starting out. A tiny piece of flesh protruding out. When Joe saw the horror she had for his little jo, performance anxiety set in and the small man down there refused to cooperate. He completely went to the fridge and refused to come out.

Foreplay was amazing, but then it never went past that, because both of them were assuming that something would happen yet it never materialized. They remained on this other side of the bridge and as you can imagine, Tilda was all psyched up, ready to go to the sun, but her ride was brief..she wasn't getting to the stars and not even an inch close to the moon. She would remain right here in the cold rainy season with no chance of a summer break. She would get aroused but, it would plummet into oblivion as the 3rd option couldn't do much.

They slept disappointed and did not talk about it. The next day during breakfast, the eeriness was evident as they tried to discuss it...

"Honey can't get an erection?" she started

"Well, I can, its just that...I think I was nervous" , he replied

" don't love me....aren't you attracted to me sexually?"

"Of course I love you and I want you"


No buts...You remember I told you from the very first day I met you that I was small. You didn't listen, no in fact you refused to listen to me.

I told you that I dated ladies before I got saved and when it came to intimacy they took off because they couldn't imagine such a big guy like me could have a small penis.

You were disgusted and you walked away. I never brought up the topic again even after I got saved and we began dating because I knew that you were aware about the size of my penis and you were okay with it. So this is me.

- Joe

So how big are you when you get an erection?

- Tilda

He showed her half his pinkie finger and her head dropped in disappointment. That discussion did not go well and their honeymoon was a real drudgery. They tried having sex several times but then nothing much happened. The only one time when penetration almost happened, 'little jo's servers opened up too early and over 100 million possible human beings failed to make it to their intended destination'. 

By the time they got back, Matilda had gotten into a semi depressed state. She couldn't imagine how unsettling this marriage was going to be. Here she was with a nice romantic guy who does almost everything right, great looks and a great body, a  big gentleman, but loaded with a small boy who can't perform. Does that mean that she was going to be in a sexless marriage....oh wait, what about kids....chances are that, if this guy had premature ejaculation issues, then maybe she wasn't going to have kids of her own. This was really depressing.

This was really getting bad. She needed to talk to someone. She couldn't talk to Joe about it because he was as clueless and every time she tried, it seemed like she was shooting more holes into his already perforated ego. Her best friend would laugh at her and maybe she wouldn't understand. Her mum was out of question, she had just lost her husband and she doubted whether she had the frame of mind to discuss her bedroom issues....

She was stuck.

She was trapped.

She was in a rut.

She turned to the one person who had been her pillar of strength. This would be the greatest mistake of her life because little did she know that this person had been eyeing her for a long time.


Romance behind closed doors...

One Saturday afternoon, Joe went to play basketball with his buddies and Tilda called Mutalla Sr to check if he was around and he told her to come to his house.

After the usual catch up, she began,

"Papa, Can I confide in you?"

"Sure Muchacha, what's up?"

"Well, I have a problem..............that's kind of......", she began twisting her fingers and having second thoughts on whether to tell him or not after all he was her dad in law and he loved his son. How could she just tell him that his only son couldn't rise up to the occasion?

"It's okay you can tell me anything?"


"Okay, I'm listening..."

"Its weird and awkward..."

"I can do both, that's why I told you that I will always be here for you, in case you need anything."

"Well, Papa, I....I....okay we.....are not happy?"

"Ehe....what's going on?"

"It has nothing to do with what either of us is doing or not doing. It's all about an" She struggled to find the right words.

"Daughter, you are speaking in parables"

"Well, our sex life is down?"

"What do you mean down?....are you getting down?", he was salivating as he liked the direction of this sexual talk with this lady who looked like a Mocha latte.

Okay, our sex life is non existent. It never took off....we are basically.....okay, don't get me wrong. Your son is an amazing guy. He is just the best person. It's just....

- Tilda

"Just what Chacha?", he asked as he moved closer to her and held her shoulder in a gentle but suggestive way.

She started crying and in between sobs, she managed to say,

For the past 6 or 7 months, that we have been married, we haven't had any meaningful sex apart from...kissing and cuddling...

- Tilda

"Oh no and why is that so?", he moved closer 

"I do not know how to put it...."

"Just say it"

"Please papa, I know you love your son, but you can't tell him that I told you this. Please promise?"


"Please, you can' know I love him and its uncomfortable even talking to him about it, so you can imagine what he will do if he finds out that I exposed him to his dad"

"I know Chacha"

"Its embarrassing."

"Trust me", he told her

She cried as she leaned on his chest and caught a whiff of his nice cologne.

"Trust me baby"

"Well, Joe can't.....he can't..... perform"

'What exactly....?" he smiled in his heart

"Woi...this is hard and embarrassing"

We have gotten this far and I can imagine that you are telling me all this because you have no one to talk to.

- Mutalla Sr

"She looked at him and nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks"

"Good, you have come to the right person and your secret is safe with me...TRUST ME"

"His sexual member is small...okay, that's an understatement. It's tiny....I mean really tiny and so he can't ....."

" that the word you are looking for..."

Yeah...but...I mean, he can't have an erection when he is with me....he has told me that he has had an erection before with other girls even though they never got down to having sex, but you see what stresses me is that he can't get turned on with me.

- Tilda

She cried some more as he held her tightly and rubbed her shoulders, going down to her waist and back up again. She felt nice, comforted and safe, but he knew what he was doing to her.

Ahaa, I hear you Muchacha, that must be a very tough place and no woman should be subjected to such misery.

A beauty queen like you shouldn't be condemned to a marital prison where there is no sex.

I'm so sorry to hear that; Joe is a good boy and its unfortunate that he is the way he is. You Christians say that we should accept ourselves the way God created us and to some extent I agree with you, but then that doesn't mean that we allow ourselves to languish.

Tell you what baby, I will help you, but you need to trust me and promise me that again this will be our secret.

- Mutalla Sr

He needed to establish a code of embedded trust before he could start scoring points on her innocence.

She nodded and said, "I trust you Papa".

He held her hand as he stood up and asked her to lie on her belly on his velvet couch

"I will help you relax, because that is what you have been missing and that is exactly what you need. Your body is all turgid and that kind of tension is not good for your mind and general well being. I will help you but you have to trust me"

She yielded as she knew that she was with her papa who was just so understanding. Mr. Madison was just too glad that the prey had come uninvited to his lair and he wasn't going to take any chances. He had been in this situation so many times and he had several scripts depending on the type of lady that he was wooing. He would strike with romantic precision.

He got put on some light instrumental music, got some vanilla sticks and lit them up and the room was filled with a nice sweet calming scent....all this time he was observing Tilda as she lay there unsuspecting about the antics that he was about to execute on her. At one point she opened her eyes and smiled at him and then closed them again.

After about 5 minutes, he went to his room and got massage oil, that had the scent of roses and lavender. He gave a gentle massage to her neck as he asked her how she was feeling and she said that she felt nice and then he stopped mid way.

"Ah Papa, you can't do that?"

"Do you want some more"

"Oh yes, please give me some more"

He could feel the naughty boy in his pants begin to growl but he reminded himself about patience. With the experience of a romantic guru, he tapped into his creativity and massaged her back and he asked her to remove her blouse as he looked the other way. Her bra was still on and so her worked on her back and touched specific areas on her back as he listen to her moans. The girl had started her sexual climb and he was going to be her willing guide to take her to the peak.

He skillfully pressed and increased the intensity as the soft whimpers became louder and more beckoning. He spoke to her in passionate romantic Italian, using adjectives to describe her beauty and her curves.  She didn't even realize that she was drooling because the intensity of it all was just too much. She didn't realize when he removed her bra and turned her over to face him....she was in another realm, as he knowingly worked his way to her erogenous zones. She had never felt anything like that and she was enjoying herself. Madison removed her phone from her back pocket with one hand as he massaged her dashboard with the other and put it on 'silent mode' because he knew what was coming and he didn't want any silly noises disrupting the mood of what he had created.

"Oh yes papa, that's so nice", she found herself saying. All this time her eyes are closed and her world is spinning. Mutalla Sr. had to make his move now...he could tell that she was ripe and ready. 

He kissed her stomach.

"aaah...." she expressed pleasure.

He moved to her upper region and did the same and he liked the response that she gave.

"Do you want...", he started saying

Tilda reached out to his neck and drew him in and they kissed wantonly. She didn't know when her trousers came out. 

Father and daughter had sex!

They had wild sex like a two wild dogs that wanted to tear each other apart. They started on the couch and ended up on the carpet. She was no longer a virgin by the time they collapsed near the fire place. She had never felt anything like that. That was quite something. Mutalla Sr was pleased with this new development. He knew that he had given Tilda a taste of what she had never had before and probably would never have unless of course they could work out something for both of them.

"Oh no....what have we just done?" Tilda started as the guilt set in like an intruder.

I told you to trust me and you did just that and please tell me that you didn't enjoy it.

- Mutalla Sr

She looked at him and gave a sly smile,

"But you know that this is wrong"

"I'm married and you are like my dad. This is adultery. I've broken the...."

He reached out and kissed her and she kissed him back...

"What were you saying?", he asked

"Papa no...", she got up started dressing up but then she realized that she had some blood stains on her thighs and semen was coming out of her

"Can I use your shower?"

"Of course you can, my Muchacha....or do you want me to come and bathe you? I could show you a few things in there", he added with a naughty look and winked at her.

"Hahahahaa, go away."

She showered quickly, as the guilt of what she had just done hit her...she cried in the bathroom; as she tried to scrub and wash away her sin....she had kept herself pure by not fornicating and then in her first year, she commits infidelity with her father in law....and the worst bit of it is that she enjoyed it.

They had a brief talk about it and agreed that it will not happen again and that none of them would tell Joe about it. Mutalla knew in his mind that she would be back again. 

Tilda went back to her husband and was the sweetest lady that evening. She prepared some nice lasagna and fresh juice and was in exceptionally high spirits. She went out of her way to mask her guilt and of course Joe didn't suspect a thing...

Three months after this incident Joe and Matilda had a bad fight. Joe had gotten swept into the current buzz on cryptocurrencies. He tried to explain to his wife how everyone around them was making a killing and that they too could mint a fortune out of it. Tilda on the other hand had a bad feeling about it, but she couldn't convince him otherwise. Her intuitive instincts were speaking a different language from what everyone on the Internet was saying, but she grudgingly allowed him to go on with it. She took all the money that her father had left her and they invested heavily in this new craze. A month later the bubble burst and they lost all their money.

Matilda was crushed...She lashed at him for the first time. She yelled and called him names, she made him feel less of a man as she tore into his masculinity by belittling his penis as he sat there feeling dejected and took it all in. He apologized for not listening to her, but she wouldn't hear any of it, she clawed him with her words, she called him names and then went out of the house and left him there feeling like a real loser.

She went to the woods to cry, because they had lost a colossal amount of money. This just brought about memories of her dad and how smart he was with money and investments. She missed him badly and at that very moment, she needed someone who could understand her....

Someone who knew her well and would feel with her...

She couldn't talk to her mum because Joe was a saint to her and she loved him like the son that she never had....

She went to....

Yes, you guessed it right....

Mutalla Sr. 

He was the one person who could get her pain....

Joe on the other hand, was in bad shape. He felt like the whole world had collapsed in on him without his consent and now he had  to bear it. His wife had just given him a proper dressing down and he too was livid with himself. He never saw it coming, after all there were many success stories of people who had made a lot of money and this was the future of global transactions...and to add on that, his wife had just called him less of a man because he couldn't make love to her.

He felt lonely and alone. He felt cold and rejected

He needed to reach out to someone who could feel his pain. 

He couldn't risk telling his dad, because that would make him feel less of a man in front of the one person that he really wanted to show that he was a real man.

His mother...he wasn't too sure about it.

He reached out and dialed a number.

"Hello, ........


The fisherman's snare

"Hi sis, we need to talk"

Nali had been the one constant in his life, that knew almost everything about him and he knew that he could trust her with this. They talked over the phone, about what he was going through and she too had been going through long distance drama with her boyfriend and he resorted to travel to go be with her.

Joe's mother was quick to notice that something was wrong, but when she asked, he dismissed her, because he did not want his hands on mother getting a grip on his marriage barely a year into it. That night, Nali and Joe talked a lot about their current situations and they found real camaraderie between brother and sister. She really felt sorry for him and decided to invite Lofi who was doing her last semester in counseling and psychology to come administer some therapy to her brother.

Lofi was all too glad to make her appearance, as she still remembered the kiss they had shared in the woods: So she came with two agendas; to help Joe and to 'give some help to Joe' and she was determined to do it. Joe wanted, someone or anyone who would not only listen to him, but also understand his predicament as it is with part of the 1% of men who have a micropenis in this world.  

That particular day, Joe's mother had gone to attend to her businesses when Nali invited Lofi for breakfast and then left them chatting as she excused herself. Lofi faced Joe and confronted him head on.

So what's up with you and your Italian princess?

- Lofi

"I don't know where to start" He replied

"That's why I'm here....I'm here to listen and to help in ANY way that I can", she was going to use her training to her advantage.

Now, how do I open up to you...hehehehe, I have seen you grow up and now this?

- Joe

"Let's begin with honesty. Have you been honest with Tilda?"

"Of course way before we started dating...."

He narrated the whole story and brought her up to speed with all the facts. They talked for quite sometime and she could tell that he was guarded and still madly in love with the Italian girl. The more he talked, the more she felt, she disliked her and wanted to take this hunky stud away from her. She needed to be smart because Joe was a perspicacious dude. The last time she tried to throw herself at him, he pulled back and walked didn't quite work and today, that might not work too. So she opted to give him the best advice.

I know you have apologized, but then you need to keep doing that and keep showing it with your actions too. You need to be patient with yourself and with her.

We ladies are very emotional and at times we take it over board.

Right now, your wife doesn't trust you and you need to work at getting the trust fact you need to win back her trust because that is going to be key in revamping your relationship...

- Lofi

On and on, she continued pumping solid advice to him; what to do, how to behave, while also breaking down the emotional psyche of a woman and why he should work at developing emotional logic, so as to see things her way. Joe felt like they were getting somewhere and like a dry sponge, he soaked in all he could get, while noting down the main pointers. Lofi on the other hand knew what she was doing. She was using a longer route that would eventually get into his mind...but not today.

"You start doing that and then come and see me after 30 days and let's evaluate your progress", she ended.

"Yes doctor", he said as he stood up to hug her.

Lofi embraced him.

She didn't try anything fishy, but the hug had a lot of words.

She knew that this guy was hurting, so she gave it reassuringly and whole heartedly. Joe felt nice, enjoying the warmth of the embrace. It had been long since he received that from his wife. He stayed there a bit lost in their duo-world and then just as he was beginning to get comfortable, she pulled out and pecked his cheek and left him standing there as he observed her gentle frame walk away. Lofi sensed that she had established a footing in the crevices of his heart and he would soon need her services because now he trusted her and that's when she will make her move.

In the meantime...

Tilda had gone seeking help from the wrong person. She thought that because they had a pact not to violate their 'Mexican borders', both parties would respect and ensure that civility was be maintained. 'Fisi bado ni Fisi' (A Hyena will always be a Hyena) and Mr. Madison Mutalla Sr was one of them and he was determined to make her his 'catch'. So he played along and listened, allowing to her vent about the mistakes that his son did. He led her on as he listened attentively, hanging on to every word that she spoke. He connected with her emotionally and Tilda didn't even realize that she was getting fixated on this old man. 

"You seem tired Mocha"

"Hahahaha what happened to Muchacha?"

You are my Mocha Muchacha and I will give you a foot rub before I release you to go home.

I don't have an answer to what Joe has done. I would be the last person to give marital advice because my marriage barely lasted 5yrs and clearly I haven't been able to keep it steady with anyone but then I can help you relax.

- Mutalla Sr

Before Tilda could utter her grandfather's name, Mutalla Sr had brought the water, soap, a pumice stone, some lemon and Almond oil. He sat down on the cold wooden floor of his house and began washing her feet and then oiled them. He had taken time to study reflexology and he knew the pressure points on the soles of her feet that would make her relax, he knew the exact spot to press and make her drool like a clueless ruminant. Tilda knew that she was losing grip on herself. Her self control was being ushered out of that room and she was only glad to escort it away. Mutalla had taken the long route and he was observing her face before he entered the 3rd phase of his foot massage... that was the sensual bits that would arouse her and take her libido to another level. He was determined to give her a sexual treat.

At this point, Tilda was singing in 'meaningful gibberish' and Mutalla was determined to go full throttle, to lure her into a place where she would ask him for sex. The old man was too good at this game, Matilda didn't know what hit her system; but she felt her pants become wet and she was certain that it wasn't urine. The gush was so sudden and so nice that she rubbed her legs together in excitement. She laughed out loud, hard and looked at Mr. Mutalla seated there. 

Both of them knew it.

Both of them knew that it had to happen.

Both of them knew that it had to happen at that very moment


They did it!

She spent the night in his house.

The next morning, the guilt was there again, but not as much as the first time and they talked about it.

"Aki Papa..."

"I know...I know...I me, I know"

"We have done it again"

"Yes we have, but I'm sure you enjoyed it, being your second time, didn't you?"

Brief silence as she bit the sleeve of her cardigan like a 3 year old baby and then nodded in affirmation.

So when are you coming back this week...because I promised to be here to help you and that is exactly what I am doing.

- Mutalla Sr

There was no backing down with Mutalla Sr. he had seen it all play out in his mind and he was the clandestine spin doctor. By the time she got to her house, she was his unofficial 'clande' ( A side dish of a lady).

Joe followed Lofi's advice to the letter, while trying to keep a sane head at the same time. He apologized, tried to help around the house. Tried to make her feel like royalty by treating her like a queen, he even apologized for her mistakes. Tilda could see that he was really trying to make up for what he had done. She wanted to continue being mean to him, but then she remembered what she had done and she held back a bit. She wasn't back to giving him her all, but then again, she just hang there and watched him behave all nice guy around her. After about 3 weeks, Joe could see a little improvement and some little effort. His heart was sweating since he could see that his wife was 'just there'. Their hugs were cold and impersonal and when he kissed her, it seemed like kissing an old Arabian wall. He called up Lofi, to ask her why Tilda was non responsive and she encouraged him to give it one more week and then get back to seeing her.

Mutalla and Tilda bumped into each other one morning on the campus corridors and they started talking. He covetously led her to his office like a lamb to the slaughter. She knew what was going to happen, but then again, she wasn't sure...wait, she became sure when he closed his door and kissed her like a scavenger on the loose. She just let go and he planted her on his desk and gave her a hot quickie that took blood from her head to her feet in record time. She was hooked!

"What was that?", she asked while panting

"That's your daily dose that you need to be coming for Mocha Loco"...and that set the tone of their infidelity that soon became "infidelicious" because of it's sweetness. It was a wrong thing that they found a way of enjoying and it happened right under Joe's nose; the poor boy didn't realize that his own father was sleeping with his wife. Her conscience was slowly getting seared and she was settling to the fact that she could sleep with her papa and still stay married to her Joe.

After the stated month ended, Joe went to see Lofi. He had already given her a brief of what was happening in that one month. She was now his confidant and it was then that she decided to strike, she could sense that he was lonely. She was going to be there for him. Nali was pleased with this new development and she encouraged her to look her best when she was going to meet her 'client'. Her hair, make up and her dressing had to change...No more jeans and the rustic hairdo had to go too.

Joe was visibly shocked when his, 'doctor' walked in. It looked like an extreme makeover, had made it's debut on her as she looked ravishing, especially now that she had a decent mini skirt that was going to do wonders on this particular day. Everything she did and said was deliberated and calculated. 

She listened to him pour out his frustrations, then she used the same words and pointers that he gave her to state how he felt. It was like she was reading his mind and his life right before him. She was gleefully painting his wife in bad light, without a paint brush or single drop of paint. She didn't even have to call her by name, but she succeeded in making him see how isolated he was in this marriage. She had now cornered him and she needed to strike with the precision of a feminine cobra.

She sat opposite him and opened her legs, just to give him a sneak peek into her inner thighs, but just enough not to keep him guessing, "does she have an underwear or not?" As he was busy exploring 'thighland', she gave him unlimited access to see what was underneath and he liked what he saw. He was now in a trance, his body language betrayed him. She got  up and went and knelt in front of him and planted her elbows on his knees and cupped his head into her palms and looked at him while saying;

Joe, whatever happens, just know that I am here for you...I will always be here for you.

- Lofi

Joe wanted to say something, but then his pulse overtook any word that could have attempted to leave his mouth and Lofi the femi-cobra attacked that mouth like the serpent in the garden of Eden. He enjoyed making out with her, he had gotten lost somewhere and he didn't bother finding himself.

She touched his groin and voila, the little man in the middle was swelling with pride! It was the first time he was having an erection after a long time...Joe Mutalla was having an erection, the right thing at the wrong time, with the wrong person and at the wrong place!!!

He withdrew, shocked at himself.

"What just happened?", he asked her.

"I made you get an erection. Something that you have been unable to get in a long time despite being married to a very pretty woman", She said this as she unzipped his trousers and made her way through his boxers and got hold of his dwarfed penis. His blood got hot and he knew that he had gotten to a point of no return. He now took the lead and kissed her passionately. She pulled out and whispered in his ear...

Today, I will show you what you have been missing. I will transform you into a man. I will demonstrate to you how BIG that small man is.

- Lofi

She went and did just that to Matilda's husband.

She had sex with Joe and made him feel like Jupiter especially when he hit that spot!

She was more experienced in matters sex, since she had started experimenting early. Being an hermaphrodite, she wanted to find out if both her genitals worked, so she became sexually active in high school and used sex to validate her femininity. She knew that she was a girl because of her boobs, her menses, her hips and so on, so the little penis that she had was a 'mistake of nature'. When she got born again after high school, she had stopped having active sex, but the urges were still there. She hadn't dealt with her past and now that the opportunity had presented itself (or so she rationalized) she took full advantage of it, plus Joe had always been her childhood crush. He was the only guy in the neighborhood who never teased her or said hurtful things to her, in fact he had beaten up guys, who had made fun of her in his presence. Now this was payback time, for all the niceties from Mr. Nice! Her little penis had disappeared miraculously and now she had just had sex as a full woman!! This was a great milestone in her life.

For the first time, Joe realized that he could actually make love to a woman. His little tool was now a weapon. He had mixed feelings about the whole thing. He felt like a man...a man who could ejaculate. He was glad to come to a place of pleasing a woman sexually, but then he had just committed a sin!

He had sex outside marriage.

He had committed infidelity with a lady that he considered his sister.

 "You know we have done the wrong thing Lofi", he told her as he dressed up.

"Did you enjoy it?", she asked

"Lofi, I'm married...."

"To a woman, who despises you because of your anatomy. You were born like that, but what has she done to you from day one?"


"Nothing, she hasn't bothered to try and discover what you can do with little Joe Jr...."

But what about God, aren't you feeling guilty or anything? You got born again before me and you should be helping me walk in the straight and narrow.

- Joe

God created us this way, we are united in our predicament.

Joe, I have always loved you and wanted you from the time we were kids. You were supposed to be mine. I may not have the looks of your Italian lady, but then I understand what it means to be on the outside when it comes to sexuality.

You and I connect intellectually, we are an item. It hasn't started the right way, but we are here and now you know for a fact that there is only one woman who appreciates you and can make you feel like a man.

- Lofi

She was right, she had hit the nail on the head and despite the fact that Joe was feeling guilty about betraying his wife and sinning against God, there was something about Lofi that was uniquely different that he wanted to tap into. He felt like a prisoner, he wanted to come clean and tell his wife that he had cheated on her, but then that would only serve to aggravate an already bad situation.

He went back home a changed man, Lofi had told him that there was more from where that was coming from.

Both husband and wife were now trapped in a situation.

They were in a love quadrangle that was swallowing them.

Unknown to them, there was a way out of this, but would they be willing to get out of the sweet infidelicious tentacles that had enveloped them. 

Joe was sleeping with Lofi,

Tilda was sleeping Mutalla Sr,

Both had their sexual needs being met with the wrong people.

God had been pushed to the peripheral part of their marriage and for a moment, they managed to keep it going while hiding it from each other....

But when God loves you, he has a way of rocking your world.

He has a interesting way of capsizing your boat just to get your attention and this was the case with Matilda and Joseph...their fake world was about to encounter the invisible God.


The devil comes to collect

"WE NEED TO TALK!", was the text message that woke up Joe at 2 am from his sleep.

It was from Lofi. He quickly glanced at his wife to see if she was awake as he replied.

"What's the urgency, can't this wait till morning?"

"No, it can't"

"Oh yes it can, I'm sure it's not an emergency."

"It is, so find a place and then call me NOW! I have never done this to you and you had better call me NOW!!"

Joe, wondered what the urgency was...he had to think fast. He got up stealthily, since he did not want to wake up Tilda as he sent  her a text about going to check some electrical fault with the watchmen at the Library; then put her phone next to her, just in case she woke up and couldn't find him. He went out of the house at a safe distance then called Lofi.

Hi, this had better be good for you to wake me up in the middle of the night.

- Joe

Morning, it's morning sweetheart. It'd 2:39 am and I'm pregnant!

- Lofi

"You are what?"

"I'm expecting your baby"

Those words sounded like a paraphrased sermon of a Nigerian preacher talking about a divine expectation of sorts...a pregnant blessing or a pregnant manifestation and not the pregnancy that he was hearing. He really wanted to believe in the former but Lofi confirmed again to him that their coitus had resulted in a conception.

" what do we do?", the clueless jamaa in him was talking as he began sweating in the cold April season.

Lofi had deliberately avoided taking the morning after pill because she wanted to get pregnant with Joe. Their sexual affair was eclectic and now it had borne fruit. She was actually expecting a baby.

What do you mean, what do we do?

I'm carrying your baby-fact!

We enjoy great sex-fact!

We like each other's company-fact!.

You have a pretty model for a wife...well, that's debatable, but I guess I will give it to her-fact!

The two of you have no romance going on...nothing, zero, zilch!-Fact!! You are like siblings who share resources. 

So do the right thing and give some direction to this whole thing Joe.

- Lofi

I don't get you because despite all this Tilda is still a good woman who...

- Joe

"Who despises your masculinity...for the past two years since you have been married, you have been unable to have an erection with her. She pounds your self esteem to a pulp until you feel like a nobody and yet I make you feel like a somebody. Better than that, I make you feel like a man. You are a King when you are with me and I know what to do with your 'little jo' .You are trapped in a miserable, dry sexless marriage. The two of you can pose for models in a commercial and it will sell since you are the perfect couple on the outside, if only people knew the freezer that you are living in, but thank God I'm here..."

Please don't even bring God in this because, you and I know that this whole relationship is based on sin. We are doing the wrong thing and you know it...

- Joe

So, you want to tell me that Tilda doesn't have sexual needs??

You have starved her for all this while, I can bet you your good looks handsome...someone's hitting that spot and making her take a ride to the clouds. Okay,why did you come to me in the first place?


You came because you were unable to satisfy your woman and you came to me and I showed you how this is done....but you enjoyed the lesson and came back for remedial classes and you didn't want to graduate, so you started sleeping with your teacher instead of applying what you learnt with your wife.

You haven't had any luck with her and that is why you keep coming for more, because you know what I offer do the right thing...

- Lofi

"Which is...?"

"Come on, do I have to spell it out for you?" she asked him bluntly

"I don't know what to do, Lofi, I'm confused"

Okay, abortion is out of question. I'm not killing an innocent baby.

You can't run away because you are a nice guy. You will not leave me hanging because you are better than that and you are with a woman who will never give you an orgasm until the day that you die....but I can, I'm here, loyal and faithful and I will take you to heights that you can only dream of and I will give you babies...

- Lofi

"You are not suggesting that I leave Matilda..."

Nope, I didn't say that. Of course, you can't do are Joe Mutalla Jr. You are the good guy and you never do it that way. You become smart.

You will tell her that for the past one year you have managed to find a watering hole for your sexual vitality and now you are about to harvest the fruits of your labor.

You will tell her that I'm pregnant and that you are going to become a father. Then sit back and look her with the attitude of someone who has just won a lottery and watch her disintegrate into an emotional wreck.

She will fume get mad and do all that stuff we ladies do and then because she can't accept the fact that I'm better than her even though looks is all that she has over me, she will leave you and that ...sweetheart is where you will come and get me and I will become Mrs. Lofi Mutalla....Wooh! I like the sound of that!

- Lofi

He hung up and switched off his phone immediately because now, he felt like he was going to loose his mind. His entire body was covered with sweat. She had a point, but then he couldn't just see his marriage breaking down and falling apart and yet chances were that Matilda would leave him, if she knew about this whole thing...

At that moment, the lights were switched on in his house and he knew that Tilda was awake, so he hurried back to his house, lest she got into panic mode. Lofi wasn't amused that he hung up on her. So she sent a text,

I'm giving you 2 days to tell her or else I WILL!

- Lofi

Those 2 days were the longest 48 hours in his entire life, as he battled to keep a sober head, while playing house with Tilda. She had noticed something was off, but he said he was okay and she let him be. Lofi on the other hand, had planned this whole thing and she knew that this was going to work to her advantage. She was going to be the winner and marry Mr. Kenya. She was going to make Joe her own beau and anyone who ever thought that she wasn't something would now respect her. 

On the second day, Joe was completely tortured and tormented and every scenario that played out in his mind was not good. he decided to bite the bullet and tell his wife, knowing that if he did not, Lofi would surely do it for him.

That afternoon, he took her out for a snack.


"Yes, love"

"I have done something and I want to come clean."

"Okay...and what is that?" she asked as she sipped her coffee.

I'm very sorry because I have been cheating on you with Lofi. I have been sleeping with her and she is now pregnant.

- Joe

Tilda's eyes felt like they were popping out. A huge lump twice the size of Goliath's head emerged in her throat and began zapping the energy out of her. She stared at him motionless...


"You have been cheating on me with....", she stood up as if to leave and Joe held her

Honey, I'm sorry. Let's talk about this.

- Joe

There is nothing to talk about and I don't want to cause a scene. Please let me go".

- Tilda

She stood up and left in a huff, angry and annoyed. 

Joe sent a text to Lofi,


Tilda went to the washroom, threw up and cried.

She felt bad that Joe had done this to her. Two thoughts however kept nagging at the back of her mind. One, maybe she contributed to a smaller extent to his infidelity. Her husband wasn't sexually stimulated by her and that someone else had managed to do it and actually gotten pregnant and two, she was already in the middle of a hot indecent affair with his father who was good in the sack; so did she really did not have a right to be mad at him?

Of course she did! 

She pushed those thoughts at the back of her mind and decided to be upset with her hubby. That evening was chaotic as she yelled at him and just got into an angry tirade and tore him apart. Joe was sorry, he knelt down and said a million apologies but that only served to catalyze her irascibility. 

The next night, she went and spent the night at Mutalla Sr. She didn't give him details of their disagreement, but then she told him that they were not okay. Deep down, she was validating her adultery with him...

"I mean, if he can do it, so can I", she told herself as she enjoyed illicit sex in the arms of an experienced man. Joe was worried about her safety, but then she had told him not to bother looking for her and switched off her phone. Little did he know that she was being 'smashed' in the same neighborhood by his own blood...his own father.

The coming days, would prove to be very tough for both of them, so Tilda opted to go see her mother and cry it out in her arms. She opened up to her mother and told her about their struggles with intimacy and how their marriage had just taken a turn for the worse. Her mother held her and prayed with her. 

"Have you been talking to God?"

"Not really mum. Our marriage is superficial. We don't really pray as a couple except before meals", she replied

That is a major loophole, my daughter.

When you push God out of your marriage, you invite the devil to come in and take over your home.

So then you should not be surprised, when this is the case with your marriage. Both of you have opened the door wide open and the devil is having a field day.

Your marital bed has become a playground for the enemy and the two of you are mere pawns in his hands. You are hurting my daughter and this is tough and painful, but God can restore this.

- Mrs. Lorenzo

But how mommy?

- Tilda

"I don't know sweerie, all I know is that God cares about marriage, his will and plan is that every marriage bears a Kingdom template which is a reflection of Christ and his church and he will fix this only if you allow him. It's NOT easy, but it's possible"

She consoled her as she also talked to her about the rudiments of being a woman of the word and a wife of noble character as illustrated by Proverbs 31. Tilda lay there half listening and half thinking about the one man, that she shouldn't have been thinking about.

Lofi was curious to find out the latest from Joe, but he wasn't entertaining her. She threatened to go public, but that couldn't fly, because Joe told her that even if she did, the joke would be on her since he wasn't hiding anything. His wife was already in the know about the affair and the pregnancy. She felt an ouch!

That night, Tilda woke up with a start, sensing that someone was in her room watching her. She reached for the lampshade and switched it on, then retreated back....

"Mum!! huh, what are you doing here?"

"Who have you been sleeping with?"

"Excuse me?"

"I said who have you been having sex with, its definitely not your husband."

"Yeah... no one, Ma", she shifted her eyes defensively.

Her mum stood up with some Luhya gusto and adjusted her leso in a no nonsense manner and told her;

Don't let the gray hair fool you? I'm the first born of Shiroya your late grandfather and I raised up all of my 9 siblings after our parents died. God raised me up and I'm a tough cookie, I'm only 59 years old.

I whipped your behind in Milan when you were 10 years old and I still have the energy to do that and maybe even better now that I can smell some silly weeds creeping in from hell.

You know mama does a good job at that. I will surely drive some foolishness out of you right now because it looks like you haven't grown up! Don't you ever think that you can lie to me and get away with it.

You know how I love and treasure my sleep, but for God to wake me up and this hour and begin talking to me about your sex life...Please don't even try to act sanctimonious because you know that Jehovah speaks and he doesn't lie! So for the last time, I want you to be truthful and tell me who has been our sexual partner for the past one year?

Mrs. Lorenzo

By this time, Mrs. Lorenzo was leaning on the bed and her nose almost touched Tilda's nose. She had showered her daughter with a good dose of her saliva and Matilda was quivering like a leaf. She knew that her mother meant exactly what she was saying. She wanted to lie to her that it was some random guy, but she knew her mom too well, God usually told her things before they happened. For instance she had already known that Joe and Tilda were going to get married long before even Joe got born again and so lying to her was like having a date with the undertaker.


"I what???? you are not a stammerer. Speak up! Who is it??"

"Joe's dad"


"You opened your legs to that....!!!!!"

She clicked and paced up and down that room.

You know for the first time in my entire life, I actually doubted my ability to discern the voice of God when he spoke to me tonight about you and Madison.

I even thought that God is lying or I'm making this up....So it's true. You are sleeping with that character?

Mrs. Lorenzo

She nodded.

"Joe's dad?"

She nodded

"Your father in law?"

"Yes mom"

"Heh!!!!! Yesu Mwana wa Nyasaye! (Jesus son of God!)

You are having sex with a man old enough to be your father and here you are crying and telling me how your husband has cheated on you?

I'm not excusing him, but when you look at the whole picture, are you any better???

Mrs. Lorenzo

Silence as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Tilda the marriage bed must be kept holy! Now Joe has his mess and you also have...."


"Were you using protection?"

"You had an unprotected sex with....When was the last time you had your menses?"

Chapter 8

Two angels appeared to them

Tilda went straight into panic mode as she couldn't recall the dates. If she was pregnant then things just got a little complicated. Her heart came to her mouth as she felt her stomach turn into a huge knot.

"Mum, I....I can't remember,"

What do you mean, you can't remember? Are you pregnant?

- Mrs. Lorenzo

"No...I mean...I'm not sure..."

"Honey, you had better pray that you are not pregnant because if you are, then you have just begun your swim in hot soup mixed with hot pepper. Make your peace with God because tomorrow morning, we will go and get a pregnancy test kit."

She left the room and Tilda was left there wondering and pondering to herself. She had just developed new found respect for her mother. As in God could just tell her what she did in secret. She recollected as a young girl when mischief had set in and she had thought that her parents were not that cool... so she decided to skip school to hang out with her buddies. That evening, she had arrived home and found her mum doing the dishes. She begun telling a white lie about her day at school, while her mum listened attentively, laughing with her and then when the dishes were done, she asked her,

"Tilda who is Anne?"

"Anne?", Tilda turned white.

"Anne Caterina?"


A hot slap landed on the slopes of her tiny face and sent her flying across the room.

"Mom, I'm sorry...."

She proceeded to confessed her truancy adventure, after peeing in her pants.

That incident was still fresh in her mind and she wondered how come God spoke to her mum and never to her. Now, she dreaded the idea that she could be pregnant...remembering the way she had crucified her husband. How would he react, what would she tell him? What would her child call his grandfather...daddy or grandDaddy??? Would Joe file for divorce?

She knelt down by her bedside and for the first time in a really long time, she earnestly prayed to God. She opened up her heart, cried out to God and prayed for a way out of this mess. Mrs. Lorenzo was also on her knees, interceding that God would save this marriage even if Tilda was pregnant. She could hear her girl praying and she was glad that her baby girl had been brought to her knees, which was the best position for any wife who doesn't want to tear her house with her own hands. She was happy that Tilda was seeking the Lord for herself and not relying on her prayers. Early the following morning, they went to the chemist to buy the kit, came back home in a hurry and they did the test...

In the meantime, Joe had tried contacting his wife just to find out how she was doing, but she hadn't picked any of his calls nor responded to his messages. His marriage was disintegrating right before his eyes and he needed to talk to someone about this, but then, there was no one around him that could bear the weight of this burden. He hadn't prayed in a very long time and he felt like a big sinner. For obvious reasons, he couldn't talk to Lofi because she was a 'person of interest' in this case. His mother would give him solid advise but that's after a real dressing down and that's the last thing he wanted, a lecture. All he needed someone who could listen to him.

He grudgingly decided to see someone who was available. Not necessarily the best, but one who would listen.

"Dad, my marriage is on the rocks", he began

Mutalla Sr was taken aback in his heart but managed to keep his demeanor. He wondered if his son knew that he was the 'other man' in their love triangle.

"Oh sorry to hear that son, what's up between you and your wife?", his dad asked him.

Joe took a deep breath and said, "I have a small penis and that has affected my performance. I mean it's really tiny and so Matilda feels like she got a really raw deal".

"Oh sonny, why didn't you come for help from your old man? You know I got game", he winked as he laughed at his son.

Joe was serious. His marriage was crumbling and his dad was making fun of the whole thing. He didn't smile. It was uncomfortable discussing his sexuality with his dad, who had been a stranger for the larger part of his formative years.

I can't satisfy my wife...I mean, I cannot even get an erection with her. There is just something that paralyzes me and when I'm with my wife...

- Joe

He looked down feeling really small.

"I feel ashamed that another woman can actually make me rise to the occasion and...and..."

"And what son...", his dad asked


"You have had sex with someone else?"

"Yes, and she is actually pregnant!"

The pregnancy test revealed that Tilda was not expecting a baby and that was a great relief to her.

"Mum, thank God I'm not pregnant", she exclaimed as she walked into her mum's bedroom with the test kit.

"Thank God?" Her mother asked her.

Tilda appeared confused.

Well you are not pregnant but that doesn't mean that you are off the hook.

You are not getting away with this so that you can go back and vilify my son for committing adultery. Both of you cheated. Both of you are on the wrong and the two of you have to face it, confront it and then face each other for you to dismantle whatever it is that you were erecting in your marriage that was un-godly.

All this came about because God hasn't been leading the two of you and if you want Him to take the reigns, then the all the idols in your hearts and in your marriage have to come down.

Daughter, all that begins today. I hope we are clear on that. You two are meant for each other despite the fact that you have made mistakes. God wants to heal this marriage.

- Mrs. Lorenzo

Tilda's emotions were dampened by her mum's response. She had hoped that her mum will be excited with the news and then keep this little affair as their own secret. Later when she analyzed, it she saw the sense in it. Tilda knew that she didn't love Mutalla Sr at all. She would pick up Joe if she had to do it again, even with his small 'Wiwi', he was a decent man and she was the envy of  her friends. She kept coming back Mr. Madison because of the sex, pure plain and simple.

Mrs. Lorenzo called Mrs. Mutalla and told her about the situation, that their children had gotten themselves into and how they needed to devise a plan that would save the marriage. Mrs. Mutalla had to travel to come down to her husband/ex husband's (she wasn't so sure of how to call him because he never really divorced her, he merely walked away) house.

Knock, knock, knock!

"Come in", Mutalla answered as he went to the door.

"Oh it's you my purple lady. You look great...", Mr. Madison started with his usual charm.

A ferocious SLAP landed in his larger than life face.

Don't purple lady me, you philandering old man.

- Mrs. Mutalla

She had been working out, changed her diet and she looked fit and athletic. If worst came to the worst, she could take him down.

"How could you?", she continuer

"What did I do Pur.....?"

"Where do you get the nerve to do all that? You walk out of your son's life. You go to Europe, no letter, no phone call not a single word or cent and then you move back into his life and now you do this?"

You need to get laid, when was the last time you had sex?

- Mr Mutalla

"MADISON MUTALLA SENIOR!", she turned venomous to get his full attention. 

"How do you take your son's wife and start sleeping with her? Okay let me put it this way. How do you take advantage of his impairment to start sleeping with his wife?"

At that very moment, Joe walked out of the bedroom, (he had spent the night at his dad's place).

"Hi mum", Joe said

"Hi son, I think you need to leave"

"No mummy please repeat the last sentence you made. Who has been sleeping with my wife?"


"Ask your dad, apparently the two of you have been busy"

Mr. Mutalla, the charming man, was stranded on 'word street', he couldn't find a way out. Joe stood there and was trying to figure out if he was dreaming or if this was truly happening.

"Dad, you slept with Matilda?"

"S..s...son.....", it was now his turn to stutter.

"You have been sleeping with my wife who also happens to be your daughter in law?"

"You don't understand..." he said.

"No, dad, what do you mean, I don't understand?", he asked as he moved closer to his dad.

"Mucha...I mean Tild.....My daugh....."

"I thought you loved your own daughter. Would you sleep with Nali?", his voice was rising up in anger

I'm sorry son, Matilda was broken and she needed help...

- Mr Mutalla

Help with what? Here I am, opening up to you about my....ahaaa, now I get it.

My wife came and confided in you about my handicap and you took advantage of her and seduced her to your bed.

So, I'm here making a fool of myself telling you about my small penis and how I have made another woman pregnant and you are smiling inside knowing that you have been getting the best of my wife?

- Joe

"I'm sorry"

"I don't think you are sorry", he was now very close and he wanted to punch his dad, when his mother intervened.

No, you will not hit him Joe. Despite what he has done, he is still your father!

- Mrs. Mutalla

Mum what kind of man is this? How do you sleep with your own daughter? Here you are busy calling her Muchacha, I really liked your relationship especially after her dad passed on, because you seemed to fit in so well into his shoes. So it was well planned?

- Joe

I think he was scheming even before, Tilda's dad passed on, you remember he organized for the Late Lorenzo to watch his daughter's graduation with his IT magic. I think he was trying to woo her.

- Mrs Mutalla

"No, that was an innocent gesture", Mutalla defended himself.

"But mum, you too should share a part of this blame. You tried to warn me to be careful about dad, but you never gave me the full picture of his true colours. I let him close and now..."

Joe dropped to his knees and started crying.

"Madison, see what you have done. Are you happy now?", Mrs. Mutalla asked him.

Mr. Madison had thrived on being sly, his entire life and now seeing his son in that state broke him and he could see the folly of his mischief. His wife saw tears roll down his cheeks and was inwardly surprised because this was unlike him. Joe got himself together, walked out without a word and went to his house.

"YOU HAVE BEEN SLEEPING WITH MY FATHER FOR THE PAST ONE YEAR!" read the text message on Tilda's phone. She had been expecting it the whole day and now it had come. Her mum was driving her and from the look on her face, she could tell the author.

"That's Joe?"

Tilda nodded.

She called him, he picked but didn't say a word. She apologized, but he just kept crying and hang up. She dreaded what was coming up. Was this going to be the end? This was one big mess. She was also hurting, that Joe had cheated on her and impregnated another woman, but then she had also slept with his father!

Joe's mum told Madison,

You left me and I got hurt for a long time and I moved on... past it. God became my solace and my husband.

These kids really wanted to have someone that they could call daddy especially Joe. Now you will not walk into their lives and mess it up again. You will have to find a way of making it up to him, I do not know how. I do not know how Nali is going to react when she get's to know about this, but this time there is no running away. Joe needs a father.

- Mrs Mutalla

She left him there to digest his thoughts, as she went to Joe's house to prepare for Tilda and the mum who were on their way. Joe was really broken and hurting. He was sorry for cheating on Tilda and now this new development just worsened everything. He wondered how he could move past this.

Son, I know you are hurting, this is a tough position for anyone to be in and I don't have an easy solution for you.

All I know is that I'm glad that you know God and He will sort out this whole thing. You have been with me through it all, even when I was lonely and scared. You were there as my big man to protect me and encourage me. Now, it's my turn to be here for you. I will walk with you and pray with you and be here for you. You remember when you were 16 and I dated that loser and you had to talk sense into me, because I wasn't seeing clearly? Do you remember that Joe?

- Mrs Mutalla

"Yes", he said amidst tears.

"You weren't born again at that time, but I was and God used you at that point to be my compass, because I was getting lost with that man. Now today you stand a better chance of getting out of this, but only if you will allow God. I'm here for you and I love you!"

Mrs. Lorenzo's car, pulled up into the drive way and Mrs Mutalla proceeded to receive them.

The tension in the room was thick. Both husband and wife didn't want to see each other but they had no choice.

Mrs. Lorenzo gave direction.

"Both of you are at fault, you have messed up bug time and hurt each other. You made this bed, you spoiled it and now it's time to mend it. The two of you need to talk, because this is your marriage and NO ONE is walking away because you made a vow to leave and to cleave, for better or for worse....this, my children is the worst form of betrayal. The enemy wants to gloat over your failures, but God wants to gain the glory out of all this, with its murkiness. Question is, will you allow him? Your mum and I will be here in the living room praying as the two of you go in your bedroom to talk about this mishmash."

Joe and Matilda sat there riveted to their seats, neither of them wanting to move. Joe's mum got up, held their hands and took them to their bedroom, then left them there, as she came back to start discussing and praying for the children.

The two selfish adults yelled at each other for a while and then got tired since they were not making any progress.

I came clean, I told you that I have been cheating on you with Lofi.

- Joe

No you did not, you said it because she got pregnant, if that didn't happen you would still be sleeping with her.

- Tilda

"But why didn't you take advantage of my opening up to you to also tell me that you were in bed with my father?"

This went on for about 3 hours, then finally, Tilda decided to come clean and admitted that the first time she 'did it' was when he came home with the bad news of the failed investment. She felt insecure and vulnerable and went to open up to Mutalla Sr. and that's when it started, that's when the door opened. She apologized to him.

Joe confessed to her how, he had felt useless after she had abused him and called him names with regards to his unwise business move and his penis and he had gone to seek advice from Lofi, who had advised him on how to turn the situation around. When she Tilda had refused to appreciate him, she was only too glad to pick the broken pieces of his heart. He apologized to her.

Sanity and rationale had finally gotten into the heads and they could now see clearly where their issues were. They came out of that room at around midnight to find their mums talking and writing down stuff. They explained to them about the little progress that they had made.

"Getting out of this is not going to be a walk in the park. You will need help from a couple or a professional counselor and both of us will give you some suggestions to help you choose the one that will help you with this crisis", said Mrs. Lorenzo

"We want both of you to know that we will be with you every step of the way, we will not police you. Ours will be to support, guide and pray. The 2 of you are the main stakeholders in this marriage and with God, nothing is impossible. However, there are some critical decisions that the two of you need to make either this evening or tomorrow and we will be there to help you with accountability. They involve my husband, Lofi and the baby", said Mrs. Mutalla

"Sure mom, what would you want us to do?", Joe asked

"Only you can decide that. The two of you have to talk about it, make that decision and own it"

Both of them retreated to the bedroom, to discuss the way forward as they anticipated getting into counseling. They agreed that communication would have to stop with Mutalla Sr. With his credentials, he could get a job anywhere in the world. They would request Joe's mum to talk to him about it. Lofi was a bit complicated, because she was expectant and for that they needed to arrange a meeting. They came back with that report to their mothers and it seemed workable. Everyone retired to bed at around 3 am.

The next morning at around 9 am, Joe's mum went to see Mr. Mutalla in his house, she knocked, no one responded. She called his phone and he did not pick. She left a voice mail and then went back to the house. Joe and Tilda had slept well. They were a bit nervous and very careful about the choice of words around each other. At around noon, after they had taken a heavy brunch, they went out to a couple that did marital therapy. Within the first ten minutes that Joe and Tilda spent with them, they made up their minds that this was the right choice and fit for them.

Joe's mum, continued tried calling Joe's dad, but the calls went unanswered. She sent him a text message. The two women went shopping, as they discussed their children and how to support them. There they discovered that they had a lot in common and wondered why it had taken this long to bring them together. At around 5pm. Mrs. Mutalla called again but the phone just kept on ringing and she felt something drop in her heart.

Both women drove to his house and decided to be more deliberate. As she peeked in through the blinders she could see that the table had his wine glass and cigar on the same spot where they had been the previous day and at the corner of her eye, she could see a the tip of a shoe lace; that her husband was wearing the previous day. Clearly something was a miss. She moved back 3 steps and with one judo kick, the wooden door was down and she ran into the house; to find Mr. Madison had soiled himself and collapsed on the floor. She reached for his pulse thank God he was still alive.

Chapter 9

A time for healing...

"Please get the college ambulance", she instructed Mrs. Lorenzo, as she administered first aid.

Mr. Madison Mutalla was rushed to hospital, he was unconscious but the paramedics stabilized him. He was diagnosed with silent ischemia or a mild heart attack. Joe and Tilda rushed to the hospital after their session and surrounded him with prayer.

The next morning, Joe's mum was there before anyone else arrived and Mutalla Sr was awake... Glad to have survived the life scare. Nali, his daughter had also traveled to be by his side. She had heard the drama surrounding her dad and Tilda, but decided to put her emotions aside and to focus on his recovery.

They took some time talking to each other as she, Mrs Mutalla explained to him what happened. He was thankful for her for her visiting in the nick of time. An hour later and he would have been past tense (dead). The next few days as he recuperated, he took time to think about his life and what he had done over the years. He had neglected his family and broken so many hearts along the way. He also wasn't sure if he had kids out of wedlock. Well, maybe his funeral will reveal the strength of his loins as people will emerge out of nether regions to claim a stake in his estate.

He had a heart to heart talk with his son Joe,

I'm ashamed and totally embarrassed for everything that I have done. I have not modeled true manhood to you and I pray that you find it in your heart to forgive me. I walked away from you when you were still a young boy and I never made an effort to contact you or your sister. Then luring your wife to my bed was the worst thing that I could have done to you son, I am sorry.

- Mutalla Sr

Joe held his hand, though he was feeling a lot of pain and disdain for him, he wanted to walk away and not look back, but the Holy Spirit kept nudging him to do the right thing and he stayed on and began to cry.

The two men cried.

They wept with groans ever so loud, that the entire ward got struck with the emotions emanating from Mutalla Sr. room, but they didn't care. Deep old wounds were getting cleaned up and healing was taking place. It was quite a emotional moment between father and son.

There was one pending matter, Lofi?

Joe hadn't closed this chapter and she kept bugging him. He finally decided to meet her and had a very straight up and candid talk.

Lofi, what transpired between us was sinful, it was wrong and irrational. I care about you like a sister and you and I can never be...

- Joe

"But Joe, no one makes you feel the way I do", she interjected.

That is in the past, I hurt my wife by cheating on her with you and in the process, you and I are going to have a baby.

I will man up and take responsibility for my actions and be a father to our child. I will not be like my dad who took off and never said a word for all those years.

So please understand that you and I are done, it's over.

I am not leaving my wife. We are receiving counseling and I request you to respect that.

- Joe

Lofi had no choice but to accept the terms. He was firm, clear, emphatic and did not beat about the bush. He also made good his word by giving her a cheque to help her with the clinic visits and begin shopping for the baby. They agreed on a monthly stipend that he would send her every month as upkeep for the little one.

Things were slowly falling into rhythm. Tilda and Joe were working on their marriage, improving on communication and talking about 'stuff'. Their counselors were the best and the couple was applying what they were being taught. They had begun praying as a couple and it was amazing how God had ignited the fire back into their marriage. Their intimacy was still a challenge though... One of the counselors 'the man', was a sex therapist and he took time explaining to Joe how sex begun in the mind and all he needed to do was have a renewal of the mind. The enemy had been successful in planting the idea in his mind, that he could never get an erection with his wife and so 'performance anxiety' had set in. 

The counselors, drummed into them the need to pray with specific regards to their sex life; they were challenged to do it, while completely naked, facing each other! The couple thought that this was strange. How does one pray about sex? They thought to themselves.

They were taken through various passages in the Bible, that explicitly talk about making love and how sex in itself, is an act of worship unto the Lord; that is why 'it' is supposed to be experienced, within the confines of a marriage. Matilda was requested to revoke and reverse the negative words and insults she had uttered unto Joe with regards to his masculinity and his penis. In place of those 'bad' words, she was asked to start using positive words and get a hold of Joe' 'Wiwi' and pray like a Hannah who is in desperate need for a miracle! That seemed strange and awkward, but they were reminded that the Gods original plan, was for us to be naked and not ashamed and that it is God who made us fearfully and wonderfully; then the stereotype was erased from their minds.

That following night, Matilda got hold of the 'little man of God' and the two stones in between his legs and prayed. She asked Joe for forgiveness, for every derogatory word that she uttered unto him about his inability to rise to the occasion and about the size of his manhood. Joe forgave her. She the proceeded to lay hands on that tiny penis that seemed disinterested. It was a bit uncomfortable and a bit funny for both of them seated face to face, stark naked, lights on praying about a revival - a sexual revival! Tilda prayed and commanded 'him' to rise, she spoke life, she talked good will, she spoke of her undying anticipation, on how she intended to get satisfied by 'the young man' ....on and on she prayed for about 20 minutes but nothing happened. Joe's third leg lay there unmoved and not bothered with anything. It was not in the mood of trying out new stuff.

Tilda was disappointed but Joe was quick to hold her and assure her, that they were just beginning and this was going to be a journey.

"Do you love me?", she asked him

Of course I do, I love you very much and I'm sorry for going out of our marital bed to find satisfaction from another woman.

God helping me, that won't happen again.

- Joe

They kissed, cuddled and spent the night in each other's arms. Joe woke up at 4 am to go an pee and after 'shaking well after use', his baby maker came out of his comfort zone and stood up fiercely and fearlessly. It was making a statement. As he held it in his hands, it seemed to speak a different language. It was no longer afraid of anything. It was ready to venture into the new frontier that lay ahead of it. It was ready for action!

Joe went back to the bedroom elated because this was the first time ever that he had developed an erection in his house and he desired his wife. He climbed back to bed and began kissing his wife's neck and back. She woke up, feeling something hard and tiny pressing on her behind...

There is something powerful about making love in the morning... Joseph and Matilda, experienced that for the first time in two years and their sex life began on a high note! They drank new wine in new wine skins!

One morning, Mutalla Sr. woke up to go to the bathroom, but his legs couldn't move. He had been discharged and had been recuperating at home. Mrs. Mutalla had moved in to care for him, since he had been living alone. He had tried to ask her to share the bed with him but she had opted for the guest room.

He called out his wife, who came running to his room. The only thing that he could move, was his head. He had extreme pain in his back and waist, but he couldn't move. He had to be rushed to hospital, where they found out that he had a blood clot that had contributed to his paralysis.

He got into a treatment regiment and after about two weeks, he begun showing signs of improvement. During this time, his wife started talking to him about God and the reason why, he needed to make peace with his maker. He knew about God; respected Him as someone good for other people but not himself. He was well aware about his sins and He was sure that God wouldn't forgive Him. Joe tried talking to him about the grace of God...which kind of made sense, but then he was too wrapped up and trapped in his own guilt, he couldn't even forgive himself.

During the 3rd week, after starting physiotherapy: The Lord visited him at night and he had a divine encounter. God told him; like Saul was a bad person, he was going to use him in a mighty way in these end times. He gave his life to the Lord and God's power filled his room. When the nurse came in that morning, she was slain by the power of God. She sat on the floor and began speaking in tongues....

That day, 39 people in the entire ward got healed. Though Mutalla Sr. was still in his wheelchair, everyone who came close to him got healed. His family was called in to witness the miraculous happenings. Mrs. Mutalla called Mrs. Lorenzo,

"It is happening!!! or rather it has happened!!"

"What has happened sweetheart?"

Madison Mutalla is born again and God is using him to heal the sick patients in the ward.

- Mrs Mutalla

Mrs. Lorenzo canceled all her appointments and drove to the campus hospital to see him. When she got there, she got into prophetic mode and spoke as the Spirit gave her utterance. 

The Lord is giving you a clean slate, a new chance and a fresh beginning. There will be no more shame associated with your name, but double honor will be your portion. The Lord will use you to transform lives and heal marriages. You are going to be used to restore healing where there has been a lot of hurt and right now in the name of the Jesus, I say unto you, ARISE AND WALK!

- Mrs Lorenzo

Madison Mutalla felt the power of God rush through him and every cell in his being came alive. He got up from his wheel chair and felt invigorated. Everyone was celebrating. It was quite a moment.

Mrs. Lorenzo went to Joe's mum and whispered,

"You know what to do, this man never divorced you. It is now your turn to forgive him and take him back"

"Are you crazy?"

"Yes, I am, that is why I got married to an Italian and ensured that my daughter can still speak Olutsotso despite growing up in Milan. I am crazy!" , she said that as she winked.

Mrs. Mutalla went and gave him a big hug.

"Yes, my purple lady, praise the Lord, Mrs. Mutalla! I'm sorry for everything. I have hurt you and let you down and ...." , more tears.

Madison was discharged and went back home with his wife and they began talking about 'stuff'. They were in their mid fifties and Mr. Mutalla wanted her back. She was a bit skeptical, so she decided to take a wait and see approach. She stayed with him for a week to observe him. He never pressured her and something about him appeared to have changed and shifted, he was trully a different man. 

God began laying it in her heart, to let go off the past heartaches and take him back and she battled with it. During the second week, she moved back into his bed, but she was clear that she wasn't ready to be intimate.

By the third week, God used Joe to speak to her.

"Mum, God told me to tell you to let go and accept dad", She was puzzled. If her son who had been hurt by the father could say this, then surely God was at work.

That evening Mutalla came and told her that he had gotten a job with an International Software firm in Mombasa and he was leaving the following month. She felt a certain sadness come over her as she couldn't fathom being was like he was leaving her again. 

She got up and kissed him.

He was shocked.

She kissed him and looked into his eyes.

Wherever you go, I will go. You take me to Iceland and I will come with you. I forgive you and I love you very much!

- Mrs Mutalla

The pair reconciled, moved to Mombasa and started out living their life there. Mutalla Sr. devoured the word and grew in the Lord and after three years, they decided to renew their vows. It was a beautiful ceremony as he played the Sax for his wife.

Mr and Mrs Mutalla were back!

The love quadrangle had been decoded!

To God be the glory.

- Fin -