I Met My Man On Facebook

I met a man from FB. He is your typical tough guy full of machismo and as usual I wanted to tamper with his ego...... I started by prodding and asking him why he is still single at his age. (I had checked through all his FB photos) He is a mature person older than me by 10yrs and his answers would put me off.

I decided to pull a prank on him asked him if we could try seeing each other. This got his attention and he asked me to state qualities of the man I want and I gave the list

  1. Financially stable
  2. God fearing
  3. Patient (because I will commit so many mistakes.
  4. He must be a spoiler (Luo like /romantic)
  5. I will also expect him to accept my child as his own without making me feel like he is doing me a favor...

I don't know of any man who would stand such demands and I expected him to take off. Well, he didn't disappoint, he actually told me that he can't meet my expectations and so we parted ways and I forgot about the whole thing. That was around December last year.

Six months later, he started being friendly, but in a guarded manner still floating in his pride, he maintained that he can not settle for less and it was ok. 

A few months ago, he arranged a date. I thought that it was the usual casual date because he wasn't interested in me. So it was just a polite hang out.

This day was different, he became too inquisitive and kept on asking so many questions that touched my past especially my weaknesses and my struggles. I decided to come clean and I opened up to my personal the secrets like the number of men that have been intimate with me....I told him about my poor eating habits, the abortion that I had I basically wanted him to know that I am a fallen creature and that I don't have all the qualities he listed about the wife he has been waiting for for 38yrs.

I was shocked when he stood up and held me by the shoulders, (remember we are in a restaurant and everyone can see us) He looked into my eyes and asked if I have any love left in me,

and I nodded in affirmation.

He asked  if I can love him . . .

I felt a certain peace engulf me it was as if I was healed of something...

I said yes!

Right there and then, we held hands and prayed not caring what everyone thought.

He thanked God for giving him a good woman, a real woman who was honest and real.

I  have completely fallen for him. It's been two months now, but my question is....can this be real ? 

He is a very educated guy, well mannered and groomed. He comes from an extremely wealthy family and I'm the direct opposite.

...I find it hard to understand if such love cases exist 

I'm pinching myself just to be sure that I'm not dreaming.

How did you meet your fiance or your spouse?