Urine Got Me A Spouse

You never know, today might just be the day you meet your future partner!

You will all remember my story of how my wife met me and how she mercilessly plucked me out of my innocence and unwittingly planted me in the corridors of her heart and now I have been a willing captive in a marital romantic prison. My only crime was availability.....LOL! Anyway, If I hadn't said yes to that basketball match on May 1st 2002, then probably my story would have taken a different tangent. I reluctantly dragged myself there and lo and behold...

So many singles are wondering if they will ever meet 'the person'. They have been looking and searching and praying and this journey of being alone and waiting doesn't sound romantic anymore. At times it seems like they have been forgotten. This story and several others to come is to encourage you not to give up. 

There is a story that featured in the Guidepost Magazine in the '80s that was really exceptional.

The story is set during winter in North America. A single girl was driving in the snow when her vehicle started wobbling. She pulled off the road to see what the problem was and if she could fix it. The front wheel of her car had a puncture. She removed the tools and spare wheel from the boot to start the process. It was bitterly cold and snowing but she did not even want to think about asking anyone for help.

Just then a man pulled up and asked her if she needed help. He had seen what the problem was. So they started working on the flat wheel together, passing tools and replacing the tyre. However, when he was fastening the tyre back he leaned on the side of the car for so long that his cheek froze on the metal and got stuck. He couldn't move without tearing off the skin and badly injuring himself. What they needed was some very warm water to pour on the joint between his face and the vehicle and slowly get his cheek off.

Meanwhile the snowfall was increasing and the temperatures were dropping even further. The single girl had a brainwave about where to get some hot water. She moved quickly and directed the jet appropriately, and within seconds the frozen cheek was off the vehicle. They exchanged pleasantries and contacts and each one of them went separate ways.

Later they guy reached out to the girl and they met in better circumstances, dated and eventually got married. The hot liquid that she used to get his cheek unfrozen from the car? You guessed right. It was her urine! You can use your imagination to visualize what actually transpired...she either climbed on the bonnet of the car and squatted to unleash the jet or she had to stand at 'angle theta' to strategically emit that hot fluid that was need to save this guy's chin....it was the only hot liquid available under the circumstances.

God has a sense of humor.

Do you have any unique inspirational stories of how you or another couple met? Inbox me and we might just feature it here.

This is Beyond I Do.